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If you’re looking for the right coffee machines for hire or purchase, coffee machine repairs, fresh coffee beans, or barista training in Adelaide or South Australia, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Adelaide Coffee we offer a great range of coffee machines for all types of business. However, our priority is making sure you make an informed decision before buying. Have a read of the following questions to make sure you’re choosing the right coffee machine for your business:

How many cups a day will the machine need to make?

Adelaide Coffee machines are ideal for a wide range of businesses, from those with 5 to 5,000 staff members. No matter the industry, an office that uses one our machines can produce a high quality cup of coffee for only $.19 per brew, with the total cost of the ownership of the machine and supplies at only $7 per day. This means that businesses can make a profit from our machines starting at a minimal 3 cups brewed each day, if you price a cup around $3. This is far below the country’s average for a cup of high quality coffee, currently at $4.00 each. With such a low cost of ownership and minimal required maintenance, the addition of an Adelaide Coffee Machine can have a huge profitable impact within your business.

What retail locations can use an Adelaide Coffee machine?
auto group machinesWe have a wide range of customers across varied business sectors using our coffee machines to increase customer satisfaction as well as create additional profit models for the business. Because our machines are compact and portable, any business can utilise one of our machines, including the following:

  • Golf and sports clubs
  • Schools and universities
  • Convenience stores and gift shops
  • Leisure and entertainment businesses
  • Cafes and coffee shops
  • Sandwich bars and delis
  • Hair and beauty salons
  • Offices and workplaces


Chances are your business falls into one of these categories, making an Adelaide Coffee machine a simple and potentially profitable addition to your workplace.

How much will it cost to make one cup of espresso?

The cost of brewing one cup with our machines is $0.60, including all supplies. Our machines are equipped to make as many cups of espresso your business needs in any given day with minimal upkeep and easy re-ordering of supplies. For a truly high quality cup of espresso, finding a comparable price per cup is hard to do.

What about the cost of one latte?

The cost of brewing one cup with our machines is $0.60, including all supplies. Our machines are equipped to make as many cups of high quality coffee beverages your business needs in any given day with minimal upkeep and easy re-ordering of supplies. For a truly high quality latte, finding a comparable price per cup is hard to do.

Can the machine make a full range of café quality coffees?

Our high quality machines make anywhere from 11 to 22 drink varieties, meeting the needs of virtually all customers. Here are the most popular options our machines offer:

Espresso – brewed as a highly concentrated coffee through a simple process of forcing hot water through ground beans, espresso is the most popular beverage choice.

Cappuccino – originating from the Italian word for the hood worn by monks, cappuccino offers coffee lovers a refined drink that is comprised of one third espresso and two thirds frothy milk. The milk rests on the surface creating the hood effect, and can be topped with cinnamon or chocolate to make it even more of a treat.

Latte – short for café latte, this staple coffee beverage comes from the Italian word for milk. It is made with one third espresso and two thirds milk with a layer of frothy milk on top.

Mochaccino – this coffee delight is simply a café latte with the addition of chocolate. A perfect treat for the coffee and chocolate lover.

Flat white – as one of Australia’s most enjoyed coffee beverages, a flat white is a latte made with one third espresso and two thirds milk, but without the addition of froth on the surface of the drink.

Because our machines use specially created powdered milk that is 99% fat free, each coffee drink brewed is a healthier option than the traditional barista can provide.

Never Make a bad coffee

What about ongoing service and maintenance?
Because our machines are fully automated and use our specially designed powdered milk, daily cleaning is not necessary. A simple maintenance routine is required weekly, however, to ensure the machines continue to run properly and provide the highest quality of coffee to your customers. This simple, short process is demonstrated on our site for your convenience.

If a maintenance issue needs to be addressed outside of the weekly cleaning, our friendly service technicians are always available to help. These highly skilled representatives cover all of the Adelaide area as well as anywhere in South Australia, keeping your machine up and running so that no business is lost. We remove the elements of manual labor, saving you both time and money.

Are beans provided with the machine?

Our gourmet coffee beans are not provided with the machine, but we have created an easy way for our customers to order supplies as they need them. Through our website, you can select from a wide range of the highest quality coffee, including our most recent Rainforest Alliance blend that will be sure to satisfy even the most elite coffee drinkers. Once you’ve place an order, our staff will deliver to you anywhere in Adelaide or SA.

Do the machines also make hot chocolate?

Yes! During the winter months, nothing soothes the soul quite like a freshly brewed cup of hot chocolate. Our machines have the ability to make this coffee-free drink, made with our premium gourmet chocolate. This wintery favorite is both smooth and delicious, and is great for offices that have children as visitors, too.

Do the machines also make tea?

Most tea lovers will be the first to tell you that no coffee machine is capable of making an outstanding cup of tea. We couldn’t agree more! Our machines are equipped to provide our tea drinking friends piping hot water so that they can steep their own favorite coffee-free beverage on their own terms.

Is it better to use fresh milk or powdered milk with my machine?

coffee-beansOne of the greatest challenges with making a high quality coffee drink lies in the milk used. Traditional barista-powered coffee shops use fresh milk in their coffee drinks that sets the stage for a perfectly brewed and blended cup each and every time. For most business and office settings, however, finding the $30,000 to employ a full-time barista in the office not to mention creating the space for that employee creates a challenge most are unwilling to take on. Our machines utilise specially created milk powder, specifically designed to ensure each cup of coffee brewed is both pure and creamy, just like those offered at traditional coffee houses.

Our powdered milk is produced through a unique process that first involves skimming fresh milk then concentrating and sterlising it before it is dried. This creates a bacteria free milk powder that carries a long shelf life, is quality assured and is also high in calcium and protein. The use of powdered milk makes the upkeep of your coffee machine a breeze. Our machines carry out an automatic rinse within the mixer unit meaning there is no need to clean the unit each and every day. A weekly cleaning is all it takes to ensure the highest quality hygiene standards one would expect from a traditional coffee shop barista. This not only improves the quality of the coffee made, but drastically increases the overall investment of owning a machine.


Is it possible to have a coin operated machine for a retail environment?

Our machines are designed with purpose, allowing businesses the ability to create additional profit by offering an inexpensive cup of high quality espresso to customers with no additional effort from staff. We have customers in a wide range of business sectors that utilise our coin operated add-on feature to do just that. Our coin operated machines provide the same benefits as our free-vend models, including:

  • Premium quality, fresh coffee, from lattes to cappuccino
  • Coffee-free drinks, such as hot chocolate and tea to meet the needs of a wide range of customers
  • Great value, with budget-friendly leasing options as well as ownership financing
  • Our quality maintenance and service when you need it
  • Simple re-ordering and stocking process, available online


Are there machines available for lease or hire?

Yes, our fully automated coffee machines are available for rent, lease or hire. Depending on the needs of your business, you can acquire an Adelaide Coffee maker for as low as $2 per day. Contact us to find out which option is best suited for your business.

Our Recommendations:

We’re proud of every individual model of coffee maker that we provide, but there are four machines that we recommend as a first stop for every client. These are our showcase machines and every one is amazing in its own way.

The Revolution

The aptly named Revolutions is one of the most advanced automatic coffee machines available today. From its modern, stylish stainless steel construction to its advanced one-touch automation and control system, the Revolution will make you think twice about what is possible for an automatic beverage system. This unit offers a staggering 22 drinks in its selection menu which is fully customisable. It also provides a good degree of flexibility, clients can opt for a plumbed installation or leave the unit in a portable configuration. Coin and token mechanisms are also an optional extra for the Revolution. Could this be the revolution you’re looking for? Give us a call today and we’ll see if the Revolution is the right machine for you.

The Platinum Evolution

The Platinum Evolutions is the new and improved version of our ever-popular Evolution model. It provides the same 11 drink menu, including hot chocolate and chocolate latte options. The stainless steel platinum door, cup presence sensor and cup-counter set the Platinum Evolution apart from its older brother. The same flexible coin operation and plumbed or freestanding installation options remain. The Platinum Evolution is a real workhorse and will suit a wide variety of needs while maintaining the elegant operation of a one-touch digital automated coffee system. It’s also a very attractive machine, it isn’t called ‘platinum” for nothing. The beautiful metallic finish on the Platinum Evolution will complement any modern design setting.

The Kronos

The Kronos is a value-oriented design that provides an 8 drink menu intended to satisfy a wide array of tastes, include chocolate options. The Kronos is aimed at business office use and as such does not offer coin operation options. For simplicity of operations and easy portability this unit only comes as a freestanding machine with a water reservoir. The Kronos is also eligible for finance from as little as the cost of three cups a day. Reward yourself, or your team with quality productivity fuel and instill your work environment with the smell of fresh roasted coffee.

The Reneka Life

The Reneka Life is a work of art, which is appropriate since it specialises in nothing but the art of brewing the perfect espresso. A complex array of sensors and patented feedback systems ensures that each cup of espresso from the Reneka Life will be as good as possible. The Reneka Life is essentially an automated barista, anyone can operate it and still get a perfectly brewed product. The sophisticated systems that come together to make the Reneka Life a possibility must be seen to believe that machine can brew espresso with so much soul. If great espresso is your passion and the passion of your clients then the Reneka Life is hands-down the best automated system available today. Don’t take our word for it it, visit us for a taste taste experience and see for yourself. The Reneka Life is so advanced that it even sells itself.